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Jessica Benko


Jessica Benko

He Survived Ebola. Now He’s Fighting to Keep It From Spreading.

As new cases of Ebola continue to appear, the front-line soldiers are the rural health workers.
The New York Times Magazine Link to Story

Making and Unmaking the Digital World

The growing footprint of the virtual world
The New York Times Magazine Link to Story

Mother of God, Child of Zeus

Gold, mercury, poverty and profit in the Amazonian region of Madre de Dios, Peru.
Virginia Quarterly Review Link to Story

What Doesn't Kill You | A Real Nail Biter

Cathy was almost killed several times... by a thought that she just couldn't get rid of.
This American Life Link to Story

A 4-Track Mind

Bob Milne has a rare ability that has brain researchers scratching their heads.
Radiolab Link to Story

To Solve a Social Problem, You Need More Than a Theory — You Need a Randomized Controlled Trial

Randomized controlled trials are revolutionizing the world of international development.

The Electric Mind

Paralyzed and unable to speak after a stroke, Cathy Hutchinson was trapped inside her mind.
The Atavist Link to Story

What's Killing Minnesota's Moose?

The cell phone alert was designed to wake anyone from a deep sleep. “MORTALITY EVENT DETECTED,” the text message read, accompanied by a cacophony of drums and bells blaring from the phone’s speaker at top volume. It was near midnight on May 22 nd , but David Pauly wasn’t asleep; he knew this call was coming.
OnEarth Link to Story

Imaginary Friends Forever

Maxine, who is eight years old, introduces us to her paracosm: her rich, imaginary world.
Studio 360 Link to Story


The world's longest-running artificial intelligence is called AARON. And AARON makes art.
Studio 360 Link to Story

Making Better People

What traits could we engineer to “improve” people?
Studio 360 Link to Story

Does Your Zombie Have Rabies?

Long before science explained rabies, the virus showed up in folklore and literature.
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Jessica Benko

I am a print and radio journalist interested in the intersection of science and technology with individual human lives. I am also drawn to communities on the margins of society, from the illegal goldmines of the Amazon to the barren tundra of the Arctic. My work can be found in National Geographic, The New York Times Magazine, Wired, This American Life, Radiolab, and elsewhere.